Our Culture Defines Who We Are

A corporation’s culture has remarkable power. It trumps strategy. It eclipses management style. It is durable across business cycles. It can be created deliberately or purely by accident. CCG is a new company and we are building our corporate culture from the ground up. We discovered our future rests in building distinctive multi-specialty group practices that collaborate to serve the needs of patients and their families throughout the delivery network. But while our strategic focus has evolved, our principles have not. If we see it through our patients’ eyes, if we act to serve them as a whole person, we will invariably do just the right thing and only the right thing. We will recognize that delivering the right care requires us to collaborate with others who share our philosophy, working as a team and valuing everyone on that team including our patients and families. We will stay true to our mission of providing healthcare, not sick care. For us, that means our work has meaning and purpose, which creates an enriched workplace and a satisfied staff. For our patients, it means we focus on prevention, education and treatment and do our best to keep them out of the hospital. We will not waste our patient’s time or their wallet with unnecessary care. We will provide care based on evidence at the right place and at the right time. Every day, our patients and families bring their life stories with them. We will care for them with the empathy and compassion that we want for our own family members and ourselves.