Our VIsion

CCG partners with leading cardiovascular physicians to redefine the delivery of cardiovascular care by providing all appropriate inpatient and ambulatory cardiovascular services through the creation of fully integrated regional delivery systems.

“Healthcare today routinely fails to deliver its potential benefits. CCG’s goal is to close the gap between the healthcare we have and the care we could have, by redefining the delivery of care.”

Our Values

  • Our logo depicts caring people working together around a stylized heart and is a symbol of what matters to us
  • CCG is committed to clinical excellence and patient-focused care
  • CCG believes that delivering the highest quality of care is best achieved under the direct leadership of physicians
  • Our Mission

    CCG’s vision is to improve clinical outcomes
    for patients with cardiovascular diseases
    through a physician-led and patient-centric
    delivery of care approach.

    “Our ability to provide high quality care for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases is based upon our unified team approach involving the patient, primary care physicians and cardiovascular physicians.“

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